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Recruitment, Retention, and Reactivation (R3) Plan

Vision for the R3 Plan

The R3 plan is a commitment to supporting the strategic vision and mission of DGIF: To lead wildlife conservation and inspire people to value the outdoors and their role in nature. The plan serves to support the mission of the Agency to 1) conserve and manage wildlife populations and habitat for the benefit of present and future generations, 2) connect people to Virginia’s outdoors through boating, education, fishing, hunting, trapping, wildlife viewing and other wildlife-related activities and 3) protect people and property by promoting safe outdoor experiences and managing human-wildlife conflicts.

In Virginia, R3 is not another program, but instead a strategic effort to recalibrate existing efforts and operations, with a common objective to increase overall participation. For R3 efforts to maximize their impact, they must strive to be integrated, and always ask what’s next?

This new way of integrated thinking and operating encourages DGIF to organize, budget, plan, regulate, legislate, and communicate what we do, differently. At each “decision point”, DGIF strives to ask the question: What would R3 do?

Mission for the R3 Plan

The mission of the R3 plan is to implement a holistic approach in order to recruit, retain, and re-engage people in hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing, boating and recreational shooting activities.

Goal for R3

To increase participation in hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing, boating and recreational shooting.

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