2018 Spring Turkey Photo Contest

Do you want to share your experience of the sun breaking the sky through the light foliage of early spring? Or the excitement of harvesting your record long-beard?  This year, DGIF is having a photo contest for spring turkey season that includes three categories, and winners of each category will receive prizes. The three categories include:

  1. Best Turkey Photo
  2. Best Non-Turkey Photo
    • Winning photo will not include a turkey, but will show the unique wildlife or scenery of Virginia that is seen while hunting afield. This can include wildlife from birds to bears, or a meadow of blooming flowers on a WMA to the hardwoods of a state forest. The prize will be a handmade leather DGIF wallet.
  3. Best Youth Turkey Photo
    • Winning photo will include a youth or apprentice turkey hunting, or with an ethically harvested turkey. The prizes will be a DGIF Bear Stamp hat and a handmade turkey tote from Bob Duncan, Executive Director of DGIF.

This is an Instagram-only photo contest. To participate and be qualified to win, follow us on Instagram, @virginiawildlife, and tag #vaturkey in your photo. Winners for each category will be selected at the end of the season, May 19, 2018. The contest will begin on youth and apprentice weekend, April 7, 2018.

We hope you have memorable experiences this season! Good luck, and don’t forget to tag #vaturkey in your photos!

  • April 2, 2018