Searching for K9 Candidates

Calling all K9’s! DGIF Conservation Police Officers are searching for a few new dogs to add to our team! We use police dogs to conduct lifesaving search and rescue operations, locate illegally taken wildlife, recover evidence, and participate in educational programs. Do you know of a dog that meets these qualifications?

  • Is a lab or lab mix? We will look at other sporting breeds.
  • Is between 6 months and a year old?
  • Has a high play drive? This means the dog will constantly go after a toy and also engage you to play with them.
  • Has a high prey drive? This means the dog is constantly curious, sniffing around investigating and isn’t afraid of new places or situations.
  • Is friendly around other dogs and children?

If you feel like you have a dog-gone good candidate please fill out our online form. One of our officers will be in contact with you if your K9 meets the qualifications.

Dog Recruitment Application »


  • September 7, 2017