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Snakes in the Grass

©By David Hart

They were called “frankenfish” and “fishzilla,” as if they were created in the laboratory of a mad scientist. They even morphed into a mythological creature that could walk across dry land and survive out of water for days. The hysteria around snakeheads also spawned a rash of B-list movies. One included gruesome attacks by roving packs of six-foot fish that devoured swimmers, crashed boats, and slithered into lakeside cabins to gnaw on helpless teenagers.  Read the rest of this article…

  • May 9th, 2017

Mapping Where Snakehead Fish Are Found in Virginia

It’s been over a decade since snakehead fish turned up in the Potomac River, and the population has expanded in Virginia to several other tributaries to the Chesapeake Bay. Using data from surveys, angler reports, and commercial fishers, we have a distribution map of snakehead fish in Virginia. Your reports greatly contributed to this effort. Keep ’em coming!

Caught a snakehead fish? Report it online with our easy-to-use “Snakehead Observation Form” site, or call the hotline at 804-367-2925.

For more information, see the Snakehead Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs).


Northern Snakehead Distribution in Virginia” (click to enlarge – PDF)

  • February 3rd, 2015