Project WILD Workshop Interest Form

  • (school system, university, nature center, library, etc.)
  • (if other than science or elementary)
    • Project WILD: K–12, the core program emphasizing habitat and using the natural environment to study wildlife. Workshop is 6 hours in length.
    • Aquatic WILD: emphasizing the importance of aquatic habitats to wildlife. Workshop is 4 hours in length.
    • Science and Civics: Sustaining Wildlife, a high school activity guide, encouraging inquiry and field investigations. Workshop is 4 hours in length.
    • Flying WILD: a middle school guide for celebrating birds and hosting school birding festivals. Workshop is 4 hours in length.
    • Growing Up WILD: a guide for preschool and primary teachers to encourage nature exploration. Workshop is 3 hours in length.
    • WILD About Elk: this guide introduces students to elk and their habitat in the southwestern counties of the Commonwealth. Only available in southwest VA, workshop is 3 hours in length.