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Environmental Programs

As part of our mission to manage Virginia’s wildlife and inland fish to maintain optimum populations of all species to serve the needs of the Commonwealth, and to provide educational outreach programs and materials that foster an awareness of and appreciation for Virginia’s fish and wildlife resources and their habitats, the Department provides information and consultation regarding Virginia’s wildlife resources and habitats to government agencies, developers, consultants, landowners, conservation organizations, and other wildlife enthusiasts. Our environmental programs, publications, and online data systems are designed to inform interested parties about the wildlife resources and habitats in their community and on their property, so that they may pursue wildlife-oriented recreation, land-use planning, land development or construction, or completion of environmental assessments that may be required to secure local, state, or federal land-use, development, or construction permits.

These pages were developed to provide you with current information about the Department’s Environmental Programs and the services we provide, general recommendations for avoiding and minimizing impacts to wildlife resources and sensitive habitats, and contact information for staff within DGIF or other state and federal agencies who may be of assistance. This information is provided as a public service, and the recommendations presented are not regulatory in this context; they represent general standards that frequently are recommended by VDGIF for protection of wildlife resources during interagency consultation, but that may be modified to address site-specific conditions, project requirements and construction schedules, or species needs.