Richmond Falcon Cam


  • March 19th, 2015

Over the last two days, we’ve observed ritual courtship displays and more copulation between the male and female. Courtship displays at or near potential nest sites are known as ledge displays, as they historically took place on the ledges of cliffs. Yesterday, the Richmond pair engaged in a head-low bow, a typical ledge display. Head-low displays may be given by either male or female falcons in response to movement of a mate, when a mate is near, or particularly when a mate approaches. In this case, the display began when the male approached the female, who had been resting in the scrape moments before.

Female reacts as the male approaches the nest box, moments before the display.


Falcons in the midst of head-low bow display (male on left and female on right).


Male falcon leaving the nest box right after engaging in the head-low bow display.