Richmond Falcon Cam

The First Egg Has Been Laid!

  • March 20th, 2015

After trying out a few different scrapes in the nest box, the female falcon made her final selection early this evening when she laid the first egg of her clutch. The typical clutch size for a Peregrine Falcon is 3–4, which has been the case for this pair as well. We will continue to watch closely for any subsequent eggs, which usually follow in intervals of 48–72 hours. We look forward to observing the female and male as they take turns incubating and monitoring their productivity over the coming months.

Female hovering over the egg, shortly after it had been laid.

A peek at the egg, which can be seen to the right of the female, resting in the bottom of the scrape.


The female carefully takes her position over the egg.


Female falcon sitting on the egg.


Female falcon adjusts her position giving us some more nice peeks at the egg.