Richmond Falcon Cam

Four-egg Clutch Confirmed!

  • April 5th, 2016

We’ve been able to confirm that the pair has four eggs in their clutch! See the video below for the moment that the four eggs were first observed. In the footage, the fourth egg is visible around the 42-second mark, during which the female momentarily pushes it just barely into view with her foot as she approaches the other 3 eggs sitting in plain sight. Later in the evening, we received better views of the four-egg clutch. Scroll down to see some snapshots.


The four-egg clutch.


Snapshot 1 (4-5-2016 7-40 AM)

Male peregrine falcon with the four eggs just before sitting to incubate.


Snapshot 3 (4-5-2016 7-37 AM)

The female peregrine falcon arranges the four eggs just before sitting to incubate. The top of a fourth egg is just barely visible above the edge of the nest box.