Richmond Falcon Cam

An Egg!

  • April 10th, 2017

The new banded female falcon laid an egg today, Monday April 10th, at 3:23 pm! 

After laying their first egg of the season, Peregrine Falcons typically lay any subsequent eggs in intervals of 48-72 hours. Keep a close watch on the Richmond Falcon Cam Wednesday–Thursday, April 12th–13th, and you may catch the second egg lay! Peregrine Falcons can lay clutches of up to 5 eggs, but in Virginia they most commonly lay 4 eggs. For more information about Peregrine Falcon egg laying, please refer to our new Falcon Cam Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

The new banded female falcon with her first laid egg of the season.

Video of the first egg lay in action. Footage captured by a follower of the Richmond Falcon Cam.

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