Richmond Falcon Cam

Feedings Continue

  • June 15th, 2017

After what appeared to be an initial adjustment period and learning curve for the new adult female, feedings of the peregrine falcon chicks, by both parents, have continued.

The adult male feeding the chicks bright and early on June 14th.

We are aware of at least four feedings occurring on June 14th (three in the morning and one in the evening) and so far today, as of 11:30 am, there have been at least three feedings observed, two early this morning and another just after 11:00 am. 

Adult male feeding the chicks late this morning.

The feedings that were conducted by the adult female yesterday evening around 7:38 pm and today at around 5:40 am showed she is learning and beginning to get the hang of feeding through the pen. During both of these feedings she initially seemed to be attempting to feed the chicks from above while standing on the parapet, but then eventually figured out she could come down from there and feed them from the front of the cage. During her second feeding of the chicks today (around 6:34 am), she went directly to the front of the pen and fed them from there. At this point, we are optimistic that feedings will continue on as usual.

Initially, the adult female attempts to feed the chicks, unsuccessfully, from the parapet above the pen.

Minutes later, the adult female successfully feeds the chicks from the front of the pen.

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