Richmond Falcon Cam

Richmond’s Juvenile Male Falcon Spotted in New Jersey!

  • September 1st, 2017

The juvenile male Peregrine Falcon from this year’s Richmond nest box, flying over a park in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. Photo by Dave Rivera –

A wildlife photographer in New Jersey captured images of Richmond’s juvenile male Peregrine Falcon that fledged from this year’s nest! Images that nicely showed the bird’s black and green leg bands of 46/AU allowed us to make the identification. These photos were taken August 13th, around noon, in Lyndhurst, New Jersey at Richard W. DeKorte Park. The photographer reported that he saw the bird for just a few seconds as it dove toward a wetland at the park, then circled twice above him and then took off.

Many thanks to the photographer for capturing these photos, noting the leg bands, and sharing them with the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, which helped the photos to eventually find their way to our agency.

This juvenile male Peregrine Falcon fledged from its nest site atop the Riverfront Plaza Building in downtown Richmond on June 29th. It is the sole survivor of this year’s clutch of three chicks. To learn moreĀ about this juvenile male and the Richmond Falcons, visit the Richmond Falcon Cam.

Photo by Dave Rivera –


Photo by Dave Rivera –


A close-up of the juvenile falcon’s leg bands, reading 46/ AU. Photo by Dave Rivera –