Richmond Falcon Cam

Meet the New Pair!

  • March 4th, 2019

Richmond’s new pair of peregrine falcons visited our nest box a few times over the weekend! This gave us a good look at the birds and it is a positive sign that they are aware of this nesting opportunity. We hope they liked what they saw! Here is a recap in photos.

The new male looks over downtown while perched on the Riverfront Plaza parapet. Note the green band on his right leg and his “heavy” sideburns.


The new male gives a look towards the camera from the parapet of the Riverfront Plaza building. A green USGS band is visible on his right leg.


The new female perched on the parapet of the Riverfront Plaza building. Note the buffy plumage around  her neck and down her entire front side.


The new female looks towards our camera from the Riverfront Plaza building parapet . The white patch above her bill is a unique marking.


The new female (left) and new male (right) engaged in bowing courtship behavior inside the nest box. This image also shows the size difference between the two birds with the female being the larger of the two.


The male (right) stands inside the nest box, while the female (left) explores the ledge.


The new female (left) watches over downtown Richmond, while the male (right) remains inside the nest box.