Richmond Falcon Cam

Look for Signs of Hatching

  • May 3rd, 2021

It’s been 37 days since the first falcon egg in the clutch was laid which means we are quickly approaching the end of incubation and hope to see signs of hatching any day now! Based on the date that the third egg was laid (April 2nd), hatching will likely occur sometime between May 5th and May 7th.

Keep your eyes peeled during incubation exchanges for pips! A pip is a small crack or hole that chicks hammer through the internal membrane and external shell of the egg. Once a pip is observed on an egg, it means the chick inside has begun hatching and if all goes well, will be out of the egg within the next 12-48 hours. We will be watching the eggs closely and continuing to report on any updates related to hatching progress!

Incubation may not be the most exciting part of the peregrine nesting season, but it does give us a chance to get an especially close and prolonged look at the adults. Check out some of our our favorite photos of the pair during incubation to see some of our favorite snaps from the past week!

Male of the falcon pair takes a short break from incubating the clutch of eggs in the nest box.

Male falcon (right) ushers the female (left) off of the clutch during an incubation exchange.

Male falcon vocalizing to the female falcon who is nearby.

Female falcon gingerly repositions herself atop the clutch.