Richmond Falcon Cam

Meet the Fourth Chick!

  • May 7th, 2021

We are excited to report that as of today, May 7th, all of the eggs in the Richmond peregrine falcon nest have hatched!

We were able to confirm that the fourth egg hatched at approximately 5:30 a.m., during which time the adult male was seen feeding four chicks. The chick’s dry appearance suggests that it had hatched sometime overnight when the camera was dark, similar to the hatching of the first two eggs.

Adult male falcon in the process of feeding his four offspring. This is the first look at the fourth chick.

The fourth egg hatching is a particularly momentous occasion as it marks the first time in more than ten years that the Richmond site has had four chicks at once! We hope you enjoy watching their development throughout the course of the next few weeks and we will continue reporting in regularly with status updates!

Adult female peregrine falcon and her four chicks. The fourth and final chick to hatch is on the right with its mouth open.