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The Radford Hunt: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the policy change that is causing the 2019 Radford hunt to be cancelled?

The Unit where public hunting takes place on the Radford Army Ammunition Plant (RFAAP) is no longer exempt from developing a safety plan for certain areas.  The RFAAP has determined no hunting can take place while the site safety plan is being finalized.

Who ordered the change in policy?

The Department of the Army (DA).

Who ordered that the hunts had to be cancelled?

The commander of the RFAAP issued the order.

Are public hunting programs on other Army installations in the country also being cancelled?

Not necessarily.  Other Army installations are also assessing the safety policy change and determining how it might impact their recreational activities.

 Is public hunting the only activity at the Dublin Unit of the RFAAP that is being cancelled in 2019?

Yes.  However, the RFAAP is also expected to evaluate whether other uses of the property will continue as they are currently being carried out.

When will the evaluation of the hunts be finished?

The DA expects to be able to begin evaluating the public hunting program with the DGIF in late 2019.  The DGIF and the DA expect to be able to complete the evaluation by spring 2020.

When will the hunts be resumed?

The DA and the DGIF have expressed their mutual preference that the hunts continue once the site safety plan is complete.  Once the plan is complete the DGIF and the DA will work together to determine when and how the hunts might continue. The DGIF prefers that a comprehensive hunting program be resumed in 2020.

Will there be changes to future hunts?

Whether logistics for future hunts will change is unknown at present.  The military mission at the facility takes precedence over all other activities.  Once the DA completes their site safety plan for the RFAAP at Dublin VA, the DGIF and DA will review the plan to determine what, if any, changes need to be made for public hunting to continue.    

Can I submit an application to increase the number of points I have toward a hunt?

No. No applications will be accepted in 2019.

What will happen to the points I already have for the Radford Hunt?

Applicants’ points toward a Radford Hunt will remain intact. 

Who can I contact if I have other questions?

Please direct questions to Betsy Stinson, District Wildlife Biologist, DGIF at 540-961-8304 or Len DiIoia Jr., Natural Resources Manager, Radford Army Ammunition Plant at 540-731-5780.