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Blaze Pink in Virginia: What You Need to Know

In 2017, Virginia was the 5th state to pass a law that allows hunters to wear a blaze pink color interchangeably with the traditional blaze orange during hunting season. This law has been amended to detail the specific color of pink that hunters are allowed to wear.

As of July 1, 2018, amendments to 29.1-530.1 in the code of Virginia relating to hunting clothing will be reenacted to detail specific requirements of the blaze pink color.

About the Blaze Pink Color

  • A “Solid Blaze Pink” color means a safety pink or florescent pink hue
  • It CANNOT be a pale shade of pink
  • It can only be one solid color.
  • It CANNOT be pink camouflage, or have other camouflage or printed designs associated on the color.
  • It can be worn as a solid blaze pink cap OR 100 square inches of the solid blaze pink color. It must be worn on the upper body.
  • The color worn has to be visible 360 degrees.
  • The brim of a hat CAN be a different color.
  • Blaze pink is interchangeable with blaze orange.
  • A hunter MUST wear the blaze pink color when hunting during rifle season even if they are not hunting with a firearm.
  • During muzzleloader season, a hunter can wear the blaze color to and from the stand or blind, but during general firearms season, the hunter must wear the blaze color at all times.
  • When hunting from an enclosed ground blind, the hunter MUST display at least 100 square inches of solid blaze orange or solid blaze pink material visible from 360 degrees attached to or immediately above a blind.

Where can I find this blaze pink color?

DGIF now sells blaze pink hats at our online store. There are few manufacturers of this color, however, some sporting goods stores across the Commonwealth carry clothing of this shade of pink. Check your local sporting goods store for availability.