2018 Fishing Regulatory Cycle Timeline (Closed)

As of April 27, 2018

Regulatory Action Steps Date(s)
(1) Staff recommendations conveyed to full Board and made public information January 17, 2018
(2) First, or “Amendment Proposal” Board meeting April 12, 2018
(3) Public comment period on proposed regulation amendments (90 days) April 30 – July 28, 2018
(4) Submission of proposed amendments to Virginia Registrar May 9, 2018
(5) Window for public input meetings (if ordered by Board) None ordered
(6) Publication of proposed amendments in Virginia Register of Regulations May  28, 2018
(7) Window for publishing proposed amendments in newspapers July 23 – August 7, 2018
(8) Second, or “Final Action” Board meeting August 22, 2018
(9) Submission of final regulations to Virginia Registrar August 29, 2018
(10) Final regulation amendments published in Virginia Register of Regulations September 17, 2018
(11) Effective date of final regulations into law under standard practices January 1, 2019

Regulatory Action Step guidance:

7: The only dates listed above which are set by law are the Windows For Publishing Proposed Amendments In Newspapers, found in §29.1-501(B) in Code of Virginia. By law, newspaper publication of proposed regulations must occur 30 to 15 days before “final action” by the Board (Step #8).

4,6,9,10: The submission dates to the Registrar, and the Virginia Register publication dates, are from a schedule established by the Virginia Registrar of Regulations.

11: Effective Date of Final Regulation (etc.): Under the Board’s standard regulation procedure and practice, effective dates will be 30 (or more) days after publication of the final regulation(s) in the Virginia Register. The Board may designate earlier dates if it so chooses; the earliest possible effective date is the date of filing the final regulation with the Registrar. Common practice by the Board is to have aquatic wildlife (fishing) regulation amendments become effective on January 1 following action.

1,2,3,5,8: All other dates are dependent on the Board’s meeting schedule and by Board regulatory procedures or practices. By Board practice, staff recommendations for all regulation changes are mailed to Board members, and made public information, 14 days before the first, or “proposal,” Board meeting. Practice has been that post-proposal public input meetings, when ordered, are held 10 to 24 days after the first Board meeting.