Hunting Seasons, Methods, Bag Limits, and License Fees

April 1 – May 15, 2019 Public Comment Period on Proposed Regulation Amendments

On March 21, 2019, the Virginia Board of Game and Inland Fisheries, pursuant to §§ 29.1-103, 29.1-302.1, and 29.1-501 of the Code of Virginia, proposed amendments to the Commonwealth’s regulations governing fees, hunting, trapping, and terrestrial wildlife.  Comments on the proposals are solicited during a public comment period that closes May 15, 2019. This online comment system is the most efficient and effective way to submit your views and have them seen the fastest.

Comments also may be: made in person at the May 30, 2019 meeting of the Board, 9:00 AM at 7870 Villa Park Drive, Suite 400, Henrico, Virginia 23228; postal-mailed to the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, Attn: Policy Analyst and Regulatory Coordinator, P.O. Box 90778, Henrico, Virginia 23228; or emailed to Comments must be in writing and accompanied by the name, address and telephone number of the party offering them. Comments submitted other than at the May 30, 2019 Board meeting must be received no later than May 15, 2019.

After hearing public comment on the proposed amendments at the May 30, 2019 Board meeting, the Board anticipates adopting final regulation amendments that will be effective for 2019–2020.

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Game: Deer.

4VAC15-90-10Open Season; Generally.
4VAC15-90-70Archery Hunting.
4VAC15-90-80Muzzleloading Gun Hunting.
4VAC15-90-89Earn a Buck (EAB).
4VAC15-90-90Bag Limit, Bonus Deer Permits and Special Antlerless Provision for Youth Hunters.
4VAC15-90-91General firearms season either-sex deer hunting days.
4VAC15-40-285Unauthorized Feeding of Cervids.
4VAC15-90-293Unauthorized Cervid Parts, Excretions, and Carcass Importation, Movement, Possession, and Use.

Game: Bear.

4VAC15-50-11Open Season; Generally.
4VAC15-50-12Youth and Apprentice Hunter Bear Hunting Weekend.
4VAC15-50-71Muzzleloading Gun Hunting.
4VAC15-50-81Validating Tags and Checking Bear by Licensee or Permittee.
4VAC15-50-91Checking Bear by Persons Exempt from License Requirements or Holding a License Authorization Number.
4VAC15-50-110Use of Dogs in Hunting Bear.
4VAC15-50-120Bear hound training season.

Game: Turkey.

4VAC15-240-10Fall Season; generally.
4VAC15-240-20Open Season; Certain Counties and Areas; Saturday Prior to the Last Monday in October and for 13 Days Following, and on Thanksgiving Day.
4VAC15-240-31Open Season; Certain Counties and Areas; the Saturday Prior to the Last Monday in October, and for 13 Days Following, on Thanksgiving Day, and on the Monday Closest to December 2 and for 12 Days Following.
4VAC15-240-32(NEW). Open Season; Certain Counties and Areas; 14 Days Immediately Before the Saturday Prior to the First Monday in November; on Thanksgiving Day and the Day Before; December 2 and for 12 Days Following, Both Dates Inclusive; and on the second Saturday in January and for 14 Days Following.
4VAC15-240-51Youth and Apprentice Hunter Fall Turkey Hunting Weekend.

Game: Waterfowl and Waterfowl Blinds.

4VAC15-260-85(NEW). Non-riparian blinds adjacent to department-managed properties.
4VAC15-260-60Blinds adjacent to Chickahominy Wildlife Management Area.
4VAC15-260-70Blinds on Game Farm Marsh Wildlife Management Area.

Game: In General.

4VAC15-40-60Hunting with Dogs or Possession of Weapons in Certain Locations during Closed Season.
4VAC15-40-270Sale of Unclaimed Taxidermy Specimens by Licensed Taxidermists.
4VAC15-40-70Open dog training season.
4VAC15-40-275Sale of furbearer pelts, carcasses, and parts.
4VAC15-40-276(NEW). Sale of small game animals and parts.
4VAC15-40-300(NEW). Falsifying harvest information prohibited.

Definitions and Miscellaneous: In General.

4VAC15-20-130Endangered and threatened species; adoption of federal list; additional species enumerated.
4VAC15-20-240(NEW). Use of drones for certain activities prohibited.

Definitions and Miscellaneous: Importation, posession, sale, etc. of animals.

4VAC15-30-50Possession, transportation, and release of wildlife by authorized persons.

Definitions and Miscellaneous: In General.

4VAC15-20-50Definitions: "Wild Animal," "Native Animal," "Naturalized Animal," "Nonnative (Exotic) Animal," and "Domestic Animal."

Game: Permits.

4VAC15-290-60Holding Wild Animals for Exhibition Purposes.

Watercraft: Accident and Casualty Reporting.

4VAC15-400-20Immediate Notification of Reportable Accident.

Definitions and Miscellaneous: In General.

4VAC15-20-65Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing License and Permit Fees.