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Restore The Wild Membership

Join Us and Help Keep Virginia’s Wild Places Wild

DGIF invites all Virginians to join us in our mission to ensure wildlife has healthy places to live and thrive by becoming a Restore the Wild Member. Your membership will help support projects across the state designed to restore and create wildlife habitat vital for their survival.

How to Buy a Membership

Buy A Membership Online

or call 1-866-721-6911
(Monday–Friday, during business hours)

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) is Virginia’s lead agency for wildlife protection and conservation. For decades, DGIF has conserved wildlife habitat at our numerous Wildlife Management Areas and lakes (we own more land than any other state agency in Virginia) and support restoration work on National Forests and private lands.

Now, more than ever, with the increasing pressures on natural areas, we need your help to address the needs of our declining wildlife populations.

In fact, Virginia has over 900 species of wildlife whose numbers are in decline mostly because of impacts to their natural areas that provide necessary food, water and shelter.

Through your purchase of a Restore the Wild Membership, together we can ensure continuation of our conservation efforts and expand our work to keep Virginia’s wild places wild.

What Your Membership Funds Will Support

Virginia’s wildlife depend on healthy native habitats to thrive—maintaining these habitats amidst a variety of pressures and challenges requires restoration projects.

Your membership will support DGIF’s on-going restoration projects, which benefit a wide variety of habitats and wildlife species. With more funding we can continue to support the efforts in the map below and fund new, future projects in new areas.

Habitat Restoration Projects

Completed Project

Project in Need of Funding

Membership Levels and Benefits

Become a member at any of the following levels:


Your membership includes:

  • One year of access to the DGIF’s Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) and Lakes. (Access Permit)
  • Quarterly newsletter on Virginia’s wildlife and their habitats
  • A vinyl sticker, featuring Restore the Wild artwork


Your membership includes:

Golden Eagle

Your membership includes:

  • The entire Hummingbird and Bluebird benefit packages
  • An 11″x 17″ art print featuring the red-cockaded woodpecker
  • Your name recognized on the DGIF website and in the quarterly newsletters
  • Your name entered into a raffle for a Guided WMA tour

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the membership required to enter Wildlife Management Areas?

Yes, you need to purchase the annual Restore the Wild Membership ($25.00 level and up) or a Day Pass to enter a Wildlife Management Area, but only if you do not already own a current Virginia hunting license, freshwater fishing license, boat registration, or an access permit. These licenses/ permits also provide access and their funds support DGIF’s conservation efforts.

Is the Membership good for the calendar year or a year from date of purchase?

If you purchase a Membership (at any level), it is good for one year from the date of purchase.

Can I access a Wildlife Management Area with this Membership?

Yes, an Access Permit is included as a benefit in your Restore the Wild Membership. This will allow you to access all DGIF Wildlife Management Areas and Lakes.

How does the Guided WMA Tour work?

Purchase of a Golden Eagle Level Restore the Wild Membership grants an individual entry into a raffle for the opportunity to receive a guided group tour at a WMA. The raffle drawing will occur every July for tours to occur in either October or April.

Where are DGIF’s Wildlife Management Areas and Lakes?

Please visit our Wildlife Management Area webpage to find a list and map of all our WMAs. Visit our Lakes webpage for a list of lakes by city/ county.

I’d like to bring a group to a WMA. Is everyone in the group required to have a Membership?

Everyone in the group (age 17 or older) must have one of the following: a Restore the Wild Membership, a Virginia hunting license, freshwater fishing license, boat registration, or a Group Access Permit. All of these items provide access and their funds support DGIF’s conservation efforts. Note: For groups of 12 or more people, a Special Use Authorization (SUA) is also required.

Is there a Family Membership available?

No. At this time, DGIF only offers Restore the Wild Memberships for individuals, so all members of the family age 17 and older will need a Membership or a day pass, if they plan to visit a WMA. However, children age 16 years of age and younger are not required to have a membership or day pass to access a WMA.

Is there a Lifetime Membership available?

No. This is not authorized in the Code of Virginia section that gives the Board of Game and Inland Fisheries authority to create a lifetime permit.

Is there a discounted Membership for ages 65+?

No. This is not authorized in the Code of Virginia section that gives the Board of Game and Inland Fisheries authority to create this permit.

Do I need to carry a membership on my person while at a DGIF WMA or Lake?

Yes, while visiting a DGIF WMA or Lake, please carry your Restore the Wild Membership (or a hunting/ boating/ fishing license or a day pass) on you in any of the following forms: electronic copy, printed paper, or annual hard card. You must present the membership (or hunting/ boating/ fishing license or day pass), if requested by one of DGIF’s Conservation Police Officers.

What activities are allowed at DGIF’s Wildlife Management Areas?

Rules and allowed activities may be found online and are posted on signs at the facilities. Be sure to check the allowed activities for the specific WMA you plan to visit, as these vary from property to property.