Spring 2021 Run for the Wild Results

Runners, hikers, walkers, and outdoor enthusiasts joined us on May 28, 29, 30, & 31, 2021 to help once again support our mission to keep Virginia’s wild places wild. Together, we helped raise $7,315 for our Restore the Wild initiative to benefit all of Virginia’s wildlife!

Run for the Wild Challenge Award Winners

Additionally, we had event challenges where participants competed for one-of-a-kind bonus medals. Congratulations to each of the challenge category award winners!

Falcon Fierce Challenge (Female)

Congratulations to Julie Hayden on being the female runner with the fastest finish time.

5K Finish Time: 21:02

Falcon Fierce Challenge (Male)

Congratulations to Justin Kirk on being the male runner with the fastest finish time.

5K Finish Time: 18:29

Turtle Trot Challenge

Congratulations to Alex Griffeth on being the person with the slowest finish time.

5K Finish Time: 05:03:01

Outdoor Duathlon Challenge

Congratulations to Lisa Ghidotti on sharing our favorite photo from the Outdoor Duathlon Challenge.

Flora & Fauna Fanatic Challenge

Congratulations to Erin Miller on sharing our favorite photos from the Flora & Fauna Fanatic Challenge.

Scenic Seeker Challenge

Congratulations to Vickie Rapalee on sharing our favorite scenic photo from their Run for the Wild route.

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