Carter Lane Trail

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Follow Carter Lane as it meanders its way along the edge of a mixed hardwood and pine woodland, crossing several creeks along its journey. This woodland is filled with familiar woodland birds including northern cardinal, blue jay, northern mockingbird, Carolina wren and tufted titmouse. At times, downy and red-bellied woodpeckers, or perhaps a flock of voracious cedar waxwings visit the area. In winter, these woods support white-throated sparrows and ruby-crowned kinglets. Any number of surprises could turn up in migration, including both scarlet and summer tanagers, and an assortment of warblers and vireos.

In spring and summer, the open fields and banks of the creek are alive with red-spotted purples, eastern tiger swallowtails, question marks and pearl crescents amongst a variety of wildflowers. Dragonflies to look for in the area include eastern pondhawks, common green darners and the occasional common whitetail.


Physical Address: Corner of Washington Street & Hull Street, Boydton, VA 23919

From the intersection of I-85 and US 58 (Exit 12) in South Hill, go northwest on US 58/E. Atlantic Street for 1.2 miles to US 1. Turn left (southwest) on US 1/N. Mecklenburg Avenue and follow it 5.5 miles to the US 58/US 1 (Big Fork) intersection. Go right (west) on US 58 for 9.3 miles to US 58 Business in Boydton. Turn left and go 0.2 miles on US 58 Business to Carter Lane. Turn left and follow it for 0.4 miles to the end of the road. Park in the lot behind the fire department building.

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  • Site Contact: Charles P Reamy; (434) 738-6344;
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