Cavitt’s Creek

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Elevation: 2572 ft.

Fields of dense brush that graduate into deciduous forest encase the reservoir. Crown vetch blooms on all the surrounding hillsides, attracting a variety of butterflies such as eastern tiger swallowtail as well as a variety of skippers and sulphurs. The lake is flanked by cattails, which entice damselflies and dragonflies. Visitors should look for green heron, mallard, Canada goose, and chimney swift. Other denizens of the area include ruby-throated hummingbird, rough-winged swallow, blue-headed vireo, belted kingfisher, and an assortment of woodland passerines.


From Lincolnshire Park, turn right onto SR 61 and proceed 1.5 miles until SR 61 joins SR 16. Continue ahead on SR 16 North for 3.5 miles to Rt. 645/Cavitt’s Creek Road. Turn right and follow Rt. 645 for 1.6 miles. Turn left, staying on Rt. 645 for an additional 0.5 miles. At the small sign for Cavitt’s Creek Recreational Area, turn left, going through the entry gate; continue 1.0 miles to the boat ramp and parking area.

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  • Access: Free, Daily

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