Guinea Flats

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The Guinea Flats site offers a great vista of bottomland forest. The parking area overlooks the Poni River surrounded by a large wetland forest. Several species of birds are present in high numbers during the breeding season. The site features a unique view into this rich, but difficult to access, ecotype.

Visitors may also be interested in the nearby Stonewall Jackson Shrine National Monument, which was passed on the drive in. He died at this location shortly after the Battle of Chancellorsville.


Turn left out of the Meadowview Biological Station on SR 2, proceed 1.3 miles and turn left on Stonewall Jackson Road. Drive 3.4 miles and turn left into the parking area.
To return to I-95, return to Stonewall Jackson Road and travel west to Thornburg and I-95. BEWARE: entrance can be hard to see as you approach it.

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