Long Island Park and Boat Landing

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The boat landing at Long Island Park leads to what is reputed to be the most scenic section of the Staunton River. For those without a canoe or kayak to head downstream, Long Island Park still provides plenty of opportunities to explore the river. The main stream here supports great blue herons, wood ducks and belted kingfishers while many species of waterfowl could turn up in the winter months. The woodlands along the banks also host a variety of wildlife. Watch as red-bellied and downy woodpeckers clamber up and down overhead branches in search of tasty insects for dinner. The flocks of chickadees and titmice in the area are always worth checking for migrants such as red-eyed vireos or any number of wood warblers. Keep scanning overhead for the occasional osprey, and bald eagle, intermixed with the numerous turkey and black vultures.

Don’t forget to scour the woods and fields along the river for butterflies, such as red-spotted purples and question marks, that turn up all over the place. Occasionally, a majestic monarch, flapping lazily across the fields, will join visitors.


From Red Hill return on Rt. 677 1.1 miles to Rt. 619, turn left and go 0.8 miles until Rt. 619 joins Rt. 600/Dog Creek Road. Continue on Rt. 600 for 2.2 miles to SR 40. Turn left onto SR 40 and go west 0.9 miles to its intersection with US 501. Go north on US 501 for 3.0 miles to Rt. 633. Turn left onto Rt. 633 and go 7.9 miles to Rt. 761 in the Town of Long Island. Turn south on Rt. 761 for 0.4 miles to Railroad Avenue. Turn left onto Railroad Avenue for less than 0.1 miles to the park on the right along the river.

To return to a major road, backtrack to US 501 and turn left, north. Follow US 501 north to US 29 and this will take you to the Appomattox Court House Loop.

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