Sandy Head Ostrich

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Elevation: 2594 ft.

Sandy Head Ostrich provides a unique look into sustainable farming of ostriches, emus and a variety of chickens. It also offers easy access to Clear Fork Creek and its related marshlands, grasslands, and hillside woodland. The area is handicapped accessible and includes a pick your own produce and flower facility. The site is designed to be safe educational fun for all ages. The site’s owner, Sue Carr, is happy to provide tours of the facilities and explain her farming practices. If you visit during the gift shop hours be sure to mark your hometown on the map in the gift shop. The creek and associated woodlands are home to a variety of birds including a diverse assemblage of songbirds, as well as waders, woodpeckers and raptors. The short site trail follows along Clear Fork Creek. In this brief stretch both beaver and muskrat can be readily found after a tranquil walk. The creek is also home to snapping turtle and several species of snakes, and a host of riparian bird species.


From Wolf Creek Picnic Area, turn left onto Rt. 614 and head east 10.3 miles to SR 61 (at the stop sign. SR 61 is not marked currently). Turn left and continue 2.7 miles to Sandy Head Ostrich on the right.

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  • Site Contact: (276) 988-9090,
  • Access: Free, Friday-Saturday 1-5 PM Group Tours

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