Steel Bridge Boat Landing

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The Steel Bridge Boat Landing sits at the uppermost end of Lake Gaston, which extends south into North Carolina. This area is sprinkled with numerous wetlands. Look along the edges of the lake for great blue and green herons, as well as, the occasional great egret. In winter, the shallower waters attract a variety of waterfowl including gadwall, American widgeon and American black duck. The woodlands along the shore should be checked for migrating neotropical passerines, such as warblers, vireos, tanagers and orioles. These same woods hold ruby-crowned and their smaller cousin, golden-crowned kinglets in winter, as well as several species of sparrows.

The shoreline, covered with a mix of cattails, pickerelweed and water lilies, serves as an excellent platform to search for small dragonflies and damselflies. Look for eastern amberwing and blue dasher. Be sure to regularly check the sky overhead for turkey vultures, ospreys, and occasionally bald eagles, which nest nearby.


From Tailrace Park return to SR 4/Buggs Island Road and turn left. Travel 2.5 miles across the dam to Jerusalem Road. Turn left onto Jerusalem Road and go 2.1 miles to Mineral Springs Road. Follow Mineral Springs Road for 2.3 miles to US 1. Turn left onto US 1 and go north 1.1 miles to the boat landing on the left.

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  • Site Contact: (804) 739-4689
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  • Access: Free, open daily. This site is only available for launching a boat to view wildlife from the river.

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  • Site Viewable Only By Boat