Virginia Wildlife Grant Program Final Report Questions

Survey Questions


  • Dates that your program ran:
  • Start:
  • End:
  • How many youths participated in the program?
  • On average, how many hours did each participant spend actively participating in the primary activity (defined by what you bought – your budget)? Please visit the 2018 Grant Award web page to see your primary activity as determined by the Grant Review Team.
  • How many participants were girls?
  • What percent of your participants were the following ages:
    • Under 6:
    • 6-10:
    • 11-14:
    • Over 14:

Program Details

  • What percent of your youth were participating in your primary activity (ie highest ranked – see previous question – fishing, wildlife viewing, boating, archery, etc.) for the first time?
  • Before participating in your program, what percent of your participants had previously participated in your primary activity with their family members?
  • What percent of the participants have family members that are actively involved in any outdoor recreation? (For this question, outdoor recreation can include hiking, fishing, hunting, boating, shooting sports, archery, or wildlife viewing)
  • Did the participants’ family members have the opportunity to get involved in your program?
    • If yes, approximately how many family members got involved?
  • Did any participants buy their own equipment while your program was ongoing? (Consider any equipment that can be used in your primary activity)
    • If yes, what percent of your participants purchased equipment?

Program Information

  • List equipment purchased with DWR grants funds that went home with participants.
  • List equipment purchased with DWR grant funds that will stay with your organization or partners to build capacity.
  • How many volunteers were engaged during your programming?


  • Briefly describe the greatest impacts your program had on participants. This can include skill or ability development, enthusiasm for the outdoors or activity, pre- vs. post-test, or other general improvements.
  • Briefly describe the greatest challenges for your program.

Next Steps

  • How did you discuss opportunities for participants to continue participating in your primary activity, after your program is complete? If so, briefly describe your approach.
  • How do you foresee improving or developing your program in the future?