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Wildlife Internship Network

biologist-conducting-bird-surveysA Win for You and a WIN for Virginia’s Future

How you can WIN!

If you are interested in a career in wildlife conservation, public education, marketing or information technology and many more career areas, we may have the WIN-WIN place for you. As Virginia’s wildlife agency, we are always looking for future talent to assist us in field sampling, conducting public workshops or promoting wildlife conservation efforts across the Commonwealth.

Come join our team for a semester, a summer or a year-long assignment. We’ll show you a WINning future!

WIN With Us

How Can Our WINning Team Help You?

Our wildlife Internship Network (WIN) student internship program “pays” students in the form of academic credit (if applicable), real-world experience and professional networking opportunities. It is designed to provide college students challenging opportunities to:

  • receive academic credit;
  • work with and to learn about Virginia’s fish and wildlife resources;
  • provide educational outreach programs related to Virginia’s fish and wildlife resources, their habitats, and related recreation, and;
  • support the Agency’s information technology, marketing, administration and law enforcement functions.

Why WIN?

The Wildlife Internship Network plays a vital role in service to Virginia by:

  • developing the workforce of the future;
  • encouraging all participants to be informed, public-service minded and civically engaged with our wildlife resources;
  • integrating academic study with on-the-job training, and;
  • contributing to important agency work on your first day on the job.

Career Experiences Are Available In:

  • Fisheries and Wildlife Biology/Management
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Public Education/Outreach
  • Law Enforcement
  • Administration
  • And Many Others!!!

The program is designed to inspire college students to broaden their education in a manner that complements the agency’s professional staffing needs.

The WIN will work hard to provide internship opportunities closely tailored to the students’ interests to maximize their opportunities for future career success.

Our goal is to develop tomorrow’s WINners!!

For More Information, contact the:

Estella W. Randolph
VDGIF Volunteer Administrator
P.O. Box 90778
Henrico, VA 23228-0778
Phone: (804) 367-4331
E-mail: estella.randolph@dgif.virginia.gov