Richmond Falcon Cam

…and Three’s a Crowd

  • March 28th, 2022

As anticipated, the female peregrine laid her third egg this past weekend at approximately 8:04 am on Sunday (3/27) morning. Due to the lip of the nest box it can be difficult to see three eggs at all times, but rest assured they are all there.

If another egg is to be laid, it will likely happen sometime between tomorrow and Wednesday. Keep your eyes peeled during that time and pay close attention when the birds swap places or leave the eggs temporarily unattended to see whether or not we have a fourth egg this year!

The female falcon and three eggs.

The male falcon (left) and the female falcon (right) in the process of switching place in the box. The third egg can be seen if you look closely, but it is difficult to spot due to the lip of the nest box.