Chimborazo City Park and Richmond National Battlefield Park

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The grounds of Chimborazo Park are on a high bluff with an expansive view of the city. The Chimborazo Medical Museum, run by the National Park Service, lies on an area of manicured lawn along with benches, paths, and a miniature Statue of Liberty. From here, several paths descend to walking trails traversing the hillside, which is covered in open forest and meadow.

The first trail below the bluff parallels a flowing seep that is home to the seepage dancer, a spottily distributed small black and light blue damselfly of the Eastern Seaboard. The seepage dancer shares this habitat with several other species of dragonflies. Butterflies are also plentiful along the trail due to the weeds and wildflowers growing along the seep.

The trails continue through open oak groves that throng with “yellow-shafted” northern flicker, blue jay, northern mockingbird, and other passerines. The bluff is an excellent spot from which to look down on swallows foraging over the oak woodlands, and it can also provide some opportunities to view raptors during the fall migration.


Physical Address: 3215 E Broad St, Richmond, VA 23223

From US 360 West, turn left on to US 250 East/East Broad Street and continue approximately 15 blocks to 32nd Street. Watch for the signs for the Richmond National Battlefield Park Headquarters on your right.

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