Cloud Hill Farm

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Elevation: 2837 ft.

Cloud Hill Farm overlooks the Jackson River Valley and is surrounded by montane hardwood forests and open fields. In addition to the surrounding woodlands, this site also houses gardens that attract a wide variety of butterflies including eastern tiger swallowtail, spicebush swallowtail, and silver-spotted skipper. Eastern bluebird, song sparrow, and American goldfinch are numerous in open areas. In the woodlands, look for pileated woodpecker, eastern screech-owl, and Carolina wren. White-tailed deer are abundant throughout this property. Also look for eastern box turtle, eastern chipmunk, and woodchuck.


From Paddy Knob Lookout, return south on SR 84 for 15.1 miles to its intersection with US 220. Turn left and travel north on US 220 for 0.2 miles. Cloud Hill Farm appears quickly on the right, the second driveway on the left from SR 84.

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