Johnson Springs – Jackson River Float Trip

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Elevation: 1286 ft.

Johnson Springs provides access to a serene mirror calm stretch of the Jackson River. Massive sycamores stretch out over the river along the bank, hosting chickadee and titmouse flocks as they travel the river in search of food. These assemblies can also include less common species such as worm-eating warbler and white-eyed vireo. The scrubby fields next to the stream support open country species such as indigo bunting, American goldfinch, and song sparrow. Watch along the bank for congregations of butterflies concentrated in moist areas of sand. These include eastern tiger and spicebush swallowtails, eastern tailed-blue and pearl crescent. The shadier edges of the river also host the glittering ebony jewelwing dragonfly.


From Gathright Dam, continue south on Rt. 605 for 3.0 miles to Rt. 666. Turn left and go 0.4 miles to Rt. 638/Natural Well Road. Turn left and go 0.4 miles to Johnson Springs on the right.

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