Pettigrew Wildlife Management Area

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The Pettigrew Wildlife Management Area, managed by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, contains a mix of bottomland hardwood forest, upland early successional woods, and managed fields. Magnificent woods on the right side of Ware Creek Road attract a multitude of migrant and breeding passerines. The fields and adjacent forest near the parking area also offer great wildlife viewing opportunities. The fields are planted with corn and sunflower, which offer food for many species. Look for white-tailed deer and wild turkey foraging at dawn and dusk in these fields. Wildflowers such as goldenrod make this spot attractive for many types of butterflies, including eastern tiger swallowtail and silver-spotted skipper.


  • To Access the Site: A Restore the Wild Membership, Virginia hunting license, freshwater fishing license, boat registration, or an access permit is required.
  • Hunting could be occurring at this site April 1 – May 31 and September 1 – February 28th, except on Sundays. If you are visiting this site during hunting seasons, please wear blaze orange or blaze pink for safety.
  • Visitors should contact the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries for seasonal hunting closures.


From Ferry Farm, continue on SR 3 East 0.3 miles and exit right on SR 3 West. Travel 0.5 miles and exit right onto SR 2/US Business 17 South. Proceed 5.0 miles and turn left on US 17 South. Go 6.2 miles and turn left on Rt. 614/Ware Creek Road. Drive 1.6 miles and turn right on Rt. 615/Buckner Road. The parking lot is immediately on the right.

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