S Fork Shenandoah River: Burners Ford Landing

Important Notices

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Elevation: 618 ft.

Burners Ford Landing provides paddling access to the South Fork of the Shenandoah River.  It is a 4.5 mile paddle to Hazard Mill Landing (the next available spot to take-out) from this site and there is a two-foot ledge drop along the way. En route, watch the banks for stalking green or great blue herons and keep one eye on the sky in case an osprey or bald eagle happens to fly downstream. On the water itself you may encounter a few wood ducks or, more likely, resident Canada geese and mallard. During migration and in winter these can be joined by a variety of other waterfowl.


  • If paddling to this site from another landing upriver, just before Burners Ford, paddlers will pass through Compton Rapid, a strong Class II rapid that requires some careful maneuvering to avoid getting wet. Once the rapid is passed, it’s an easy cruise down to the ford.
  • This landing is located in a residential neighborhood. Please respect the surrounding private properties and only park in the legal area near the landing.
  • While Hazard Mill Landing provides a spot to take-out, there is no legal parking available there, so a vehicle can not be left there while paddling the river–it’s a place to drop off and pick up only. Hazard Mill Landing is located at the intersection of Hazard Ford Road and Misty Meadow Lane.


From the intersection of Rt. 661 and US 340, travel north on US 340 for 4.9 miles to Rt. 664. Turn left on Rt. 664 and go west 1.0 mile to river. The road dead-ends approximately 75 feet from the river. Look for  the path to the left at the end of the road. Boats will need to be carried approximately 200-300 feet down this path to the put-in area.


  • The road to access this site (Rt 664) is a steep gravel road, so a vehicle with 4WD is recommended.
  • There is limited legal parking available at this site for approximately 3-4 vehicles on the side of the road.

Location & Directions

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Site Information

  • Site Contact: Virginia Department of Transportation Staunton Office, (540) 332-9075
  • Access: Daily, sunrise-sunset; free; Please respect local landowner property boundaries

Seasonal Bird Observations