Virginia Wildlife Grant Program

Partnership Opportunities

Are you a business that wants to get involved and make a difference in a child’s life through a variety of outdoor activities that reach across Virginia? Welcome to the Virginia Wildlife Grant Program (VWGP) which is supported by the sale of gear and other merchandise from, the One Shot Turkey Hunt Fundraiser, and private donations.

The Grant Program is a partnership between the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and The Wildlife Foundation of Virginia working together to connect kids to the outdoors. Over the last 4 years, the Grant Program has supported 128 projects totaling $170,000 and impacting nearly 40,000 kids from the ocean to the mountains and included kids with special needs.

However, our Grant Program requests have significantly exceeded our amount of support to connect kids to the outdoors. The total “ask” over the last 4 years has been for just over $850,000 to support 375 projects—we cannot meet this need alone!

We need your financial support wherever your business is located in Virginia! Our Grant Program can serve as a clearinghouse of outdoor related projects near you and The Foundation receives your tax-deductible donation. We can customize an approach that best fits your outdoor passion.

Here’s why Marika Byrd, Richmond resident and DGIF Complementary Work Force volunteer, decided to donate and inspire!

“When funding of the Virginia Wildlife Grant Program was presented for my consideration, it brought back memories of younger years: my father taking us fishing and rifle-target shooting as a teenager, and hiking Humpback Rock with the youth group.

Marika Byrd

I have gained much knowledge and information working or taking classes offered by DGIF as an employee and through the Complementary Work Force, or programming from the Virginia Outdoor Writers Association, Inc. These include the Hunter Safety and Boating Safety courses, map reading, orienteering, shelter building for inclement weather, or working on the rifle and gun ranges.

I appreciate Lee Walker, Director of Outreach, DGIF, bringing to my attention the Virginia Wildlife Grant Program as an opportunity to pay it forward for children and youth to be outdoor educated in a controlled, caring community environment—thus making a huge difference in so many lives to encourage positive results and experiences. Education and conservation will continue to be my passions into the future just like the past just like the Virginia Wildlife Grant Program.”

See how Ron Kody, Owner, Richmond Ford, donated and made a difference:

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To get started right away, contact Tom Wilcox, VDGIF, (804) 367-6892, [email protected].