Complementary Work Force Program: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Complementary Work Force Program?

The Complementary Work Force is an initiative to use trained part-time, volunteer, and intern manpower to help fulfill the mission of DWR in an efficient and economical manner. It is composed mainly of citizen volunteers willing to devote their time and talents to enhance the efforts of our professional, technical, and administrative staff.

What type of help is needed?

We need both individuals and groups to perform a wide array of activities for the Department. Coordinators will work with potential volunteers to find a position that best suits their interests and availability, as well as our particular needs.

Where can I volunteer?

Volunteers are currently being accepted in all four DWR Regions. Some positions are needed in each county; others cover various locations, districts or regions. We will work with you to find available assignments in your area. Volunteers are assigned to a Region based on the county/city of your primary residence.

When are volunteers needed?

Some positions require a regular or frequent commitment. Others require only occasional or seasonal participation. There are also projects of varying length and complexity that can be undertaken.

What is expected of me?

We are looking for friendly, reliable people and those willing to be part of an existing team to accomplish our mission. Volunteers will be required to comply with policies and procedures of the DWR Volunteer Program.

How do I apply?

Please fill out the online application. A representative of the program will then contact you to gather further information and discuss possible duties.