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Virginia offers excellent, extremely diverse angling opportunities. With over 176,000 acres of public lakes and 27,300 miles of fishable streams, Virginia is sure to provide something for every freshwater angler.

Notes from the Field

  • Summer Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Virginia

    Don't let the dog days of summer keep you from missing some of the most exciting warm water fishing conditions of the year! Read more…

  • Big Tumbling Creek Trout

    If you like plying classic mountain rills with plunge pools, pocket water, and runs, then there’s no question – Clinch Mountain and its signature attraction, Big Tumbling Creek, plus two major tributaries, Briar Cove Creek and Laurel Bed Creek are must-fish destinations. Read more…

  • Whitetop Laurel: Virginia’s Most Unique Trout Stream

    Whitetop Laurel Creek is one of state’s largest and most beautiful wild trout streams. Approximately seven miles are stocked trout waters with an additional five miles of special regulation waters flowing through the Mount Rogers National Recreational Area. Read more…