Daughter of the Stars

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Yellowstone National Park is nationally known for being the first national park in the world, yet few people recognize the mossy foundations of Camp Roosevelt as the beginning of one of the world’s greatest conservation movements to date. In 1933, in response to the Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) to provide much needed employment for millions of men at a very trying time in American history. The CCC established over 4,000 camps and facilities still used today across America, including many in Virginia’s state parks and national forests. The Daughter of the Stars Loop is aptly named for the Native American legend describing the creation of the Shenandoah River and Valley as the place where “the morning stars placed the brightest jewels from their crowns in the river.” Along this loop, the Luray-Hawksbill Greenway exemplifies contemporary conservation efforts, providing a riparian buffer to Hawksbill Creek in downtown Luray. Several sites on this loop offer access to the wildlife viewing opportunities from a scenic highway or by boat from the Shenandoah River itself. The last part of this loop can be done completely by canoe or kayak, but please remember to respect local landowners private property as you enjoy the abundant wildlife along the river.

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